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How can you restrict SAP HANA modeling users from viewing sensitive data?

A.    Use scrambled source data.
B.    Remove SAP_DATA_ADMIN in the SQL privileges for the modeling users.
C.    Use the pre-delivered MODELER role.
D.    Remove ALTER SYSTEM in the system privileges for the modeling users.

Answer: A

When working with your data models, which of the following do you use to get detailed information about tables, number of rows, and partitioning?

A.    Performance analysis mode
B.    Catalog node of your system
C.    Visualize plan
D.    Explain plan

Answer: AB

You would like to authorize a user to see data in an analytic view only for company code 1000 and fiscal year 2000 or for company code 1005 and fiscal year 2005.
Which of the following achieves this requirement?

A.    One analytic privilege. the combination of company code = 1000 and fiscal year = 2000, and the combination of company code = 1005 and fiscal year = 2005
B.    One analytic privilege: company code = 1000, fiscal year = 2000 One analytic privilege: company code = 1005, fiscal year = 2005
C.    One analytic privilege: company codes = 1000 and 1005, and fiscal years = 2000 and
D.    One analytic privilege: company codes = 1000 and 1005 One analytic privilege: fiscal years = 2000 and 2005

Answer: B

What are advantages of implementing SAP HANA using an SAP rapid-deployment solution over a traditional implementation project?

A.    Fixed-scope implementation
B.    No need for consultants
C.    Lower risk
D.    Pre-configured content
E.    Customized content

Answer: ACD

Which of the following are required to build a SQLScript calculation view?

A.    Define a data foundation.
B.    Define a measure.
C.    Set the MultiDimensional Reporting property to false.
D.    Add columns to the var_out output parameter.

Answer: BD

What are characteristics of a constraint filter?

A.    It is defined during the design time on a table.
B.    It is applied on a table before the query execution.
C.    It is applied on the result set of an SQL query.
D.    It is defined during the runtime in the SQL query.

Answer: AB

What type of calculation would you create to ensure the fastest calculation performance?

A.    A report variable in an SAP BusinessObjects reporting client
B.    A calculated column in an SAP HANA information model
C.    An input parameter in an SAP HANA information model
D.    An calculated measure in an SAP BusinessObjects universe

Answer: B

A calculation view that joins one fact table with dimension tables performs slowly.
Which of the following can you do to improve performance?

A.    Turn the calculation view into an analytic view.
B.    Turn the calculation view into a simple calculation view.
C.    Load the calculation view into memory.
D.    Load the calculation view into the _SYS_BI schema.

Answer: A

Which view need be considered in development for read operations on mass data required?

A.    Analytic
B.    Attribute
C.    Calculation
D.    Analytic / Calculation

Answer: A

Two attribute views in the same analytic view contain the same column name (ID from attribute view Customer and ID from attribute view Product). In the output, the system automatically renamed one column to ID_1.
Which of the following can you do to indicate that ID_1 originated from attribute view Product?

A.    Update the alias in the properties of ID_1.
B.    Change the label of ID_1.
C.    Create a restricted column with a different name based on ID_1.
D.    Create a derived attribute view with an alias for ID_1.

Answer: A

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