2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed EMC E20-002 Practice Tests (151-160)

Which is true about virtual machine (VM) fault tolerance mechanism?

A.    Both primary and secondary VMs have separate virtual disks
B.    Only primary VM can access the shared virtual disk
C.    Only secondary VM can access the shared virtual disk
D.    Both primary and secondary VMs share same virtual disk

Answer: D

What occurs to the guest OS configuration when a virtual machine is reverted from its snapshot?

A.    Current guest OS configurations are preserved
B.    Guest OS configurations are reverted to the point-in-time of snapshot creation
C.    Reference VM Settings are used to configure guest OS
D.    Settings are lost and need manual configuration

Answer: B

What correctly describes the state of virtual disks of a virtual machine after an array-to-array migration is performed?

A.    Virtual disks are deleted from the primary site after they are copied to the secondary site
B.    Virtual disks are deleted from both primary and secondary site
C.    Virtual disks are maintained at both primary and secondary sites
D.    Virtual disks are only maintained at the primary site

Answer: A

Which is used as a master copy to create and provision a new virtual machine (VM)?

A.    VM template
B.    VM Clone
C.    VM backup
D.    VM snapshot

Answer: A

Which resource may be hired in Infrastructure-as-a-Service model?

A.    Storage space
B.    Middleware
C.    Operating System
D.    Database

Answer: A

Which is an example of platform-as-a-service?

A.    EMC Atmos online
B.    EMC Mozy
C.    Google App development environment
D.    Salesforce.com

Answer: C

Which is an example of Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering?

A.    EMC Mozy
B.    Salesforce.com
C.    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
D.    Google App Engine

Answer: C

Which is an example of Software-as-a-Service offering?

A.    Microsoft Azure
B.    Google App Engine
C.    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
D.    EMC Mozy

Answer: D

Which is the Cloud deployment model that will be a suitable choice for a group of organizations with shared concerns?

A.    Community Cloud
B.    Public Cloud
C.    Private Cloud
D.    Hybrid Cloud

Answer: A

Which is a component of virtual infrastructure in Cloud?

A.    Storage array
B.    Network identity pool
C.    Service catalog
D.    Management software

Answer: B

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