2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed EMC E20-002 Practice Tests (31-40)

A storage administrator receives an alert message that a disk has failed. Based on severity, how should this alert be classified?

A.    Fatal
B.    Warning
C.    Information
D.    Normal

Answer: A

Which is a benefit provided by Hyper-threading in a virtualized server environment?

A.    Improved CPU utilization
B.    Logical CPU load balancing
C.    Improved memory utilization
D.    Improved virtual machine security

Answer: A

Transparent page sharing is employed in a compute system. What occurs if a write to a shared page is attempted?

A.    Data is overwritten on the page.
B.    A shared copy of the page is created.
C.    The shared page size is extended.
D.    A private copy of the page is created.

Answer: D

What is the key function of the balloon driver in the memory ballooning technique?

A.    To demand memory from guest OS and later relinquish it under the control of the hypervisor
B.    To demand memory from the hypervisor and later relinquish it under the control of the virtual machine
C.    To extend memory using a swap file under the control of the hypervisor
D.    To extend memory using a swap file under the control of the virtual machine

Answer: A

What happens to a swap file if the associated virtual machine is powered off?

A.    The swap file is deleted.
B.    The content of the swap file is preserved.
C.    The swap file is emptied.
D.    The swap file remains open for use by the hypervisor.

Answer: A

What is required to convert a physical machine to a virtual machine when using cold mode?

A.    Converter switch
B.    Converter Boot CD
C.    Converter server
D.    Converter agent

Answer: B

What is the correct sequence of steps for performing cold conversion from a physical machine to a virtual machine (VM)?

A.    The converter application creates a new VM on the destination physical machine.
B.    The converter application copies volumes from the source machine to the destination machine.
C.    Boot the source machine from the converter boot CD and use converter software to define conversion parameters.
D.    The converter application installs the required drivers to allow the OS to boot from the VM and personalizes the VM.

Answer: C

How does a virtual machine appear to a hypervisor?

A.    As a discrete set of files
B.    As a physical machine
C.    As a remote server
D.    As a file system

Answer: A

Which type of hypervisor is recommended if the organization’s primary concern is performance of virtual machines?

A.    Bare-metal
B.    Hosted
C.    Built-in
D.    Encapsulated

Answer: A

Which statement is true about a virtual machine (VM) swap file?

A.    It stores the state of the VM BIOS.
B.    It exists only when the VM is running.
C.    It stores configuration information of VMs.
D.    It is used for troubleshooting VMs.

Answer: B

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