2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed EMC E20-002 Practice Tests (61-70)

Which statement is true about physical NICs on a physical server running hypervisor?

A.    They offload iSCSI processing from the hypervisor.
B.    They are not assigned IP addresses.
C.    They are used as links between virtual machines.
D.    They encapsulate SCSI data into Ethernet frames.

Answer: B

What are the three key components of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

A.    Endpoint device, VM hosting server, and Connection broker
B.    VM hosting server, VM management server, and Endpoint device
C.    VDI console, VM management server, and Connection broker
D.    VM management server, VDI console, and VM execution server

Answer: A

What is a role of Connection Broker in desktop virtualization?

A.    Connects end point device to the assigned virtual machine
B.    Establishes connection between end point devices
C.    Connects virtual machines to virtual machine hosting server
D.    Establishes connection between two virtual machine hosting servers

Answer: A

Which technology enables desktop virtualization?

A.    Operating system virtualization
B.    User state virtualization
C.    File system virtualization
D.    Memory virtualization

Answer: B

What is a benefit of Application Virtualization?

A.    It simplifies application deployment/retirement.
B.    It increases application and CPU utilization.
C.    It enables communication among different applications.
D.    It breaks dependencies between the application interface and processing logic.

Answer: A

An application’s data has been corrupted. Associated files must be restored from the last virtual machine backup.
Which restoration approach would be most efficient?

A.    Using an agent running on the storage array
B.    Using an agent running on the hypervisor
C.    Using an agent running on the virtual machine
D.    Using storage array-based restoration

Answer: C

Which method is used to create a linked clone of a virtual machine (VM)?

A.    Using a snapshot of the source VM
B.    Using a template of the source VM
C.    Sharing the network identity with the source VM
D.    Making a separate copy of the source VM virtual disk

Answer: A

Which tool can be used for live migration of virtual machine disk files between two EMC CLARiiON arrays?

A.    VMware Storage vMotion
B.    VMware HA
C.    VMware vMotion
D.    VMware FT

Answer: A

Which functionality is provided by a Virtual Machine File System when virtual machines are running on clustered servers?

A.    Pool of running virtual machines to be shared among hypervisors
B.    Pool of virtual disks to be shared among running virtual machines
C.    Automated locking of virtual machine files
D.    Virtual machine namespace resolution

Answer: C

Which virtual machine technique provides zero downtime in case of a virtual machine failure?

A.    Fault tolerance
B.    Clone
C.    Snapshot
D.    Backup

Answer: A

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