2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed EMC E20-002 Practice Tests (71-80)

Which statement about virtual machine (VM) fault tolerance is true?

A.    The secondary VM is in constant synchronization with the primary VM.
B.    VM cloning occurs between dissimilar hardware.
C.    It provides faster backup of VM disk files.
D.    It does not use the VM file system for protection.

Answer: A

A multipathing option is enabled on a hypervisor. What is required for successful failover to occur?

A.    Virtual machine configuration files must include multipathing settings.
B.    The Virtual Machine File System must support multipathing.
C.    All the HBA ports must share the same network path to the storage.
D.    HBA ports must be set up with multiple storage controllers.

Answer: D

An organization requires backup of virtual CPU configurations for each of its virtual machines. In a compute based backup approach, where should the backup agent be installed?

A.    On the hypervisor
B.    On each virtual machine
C.    No backup agent is required
D.    On the Virtual Machine File System

Answer: A

Which provides a consolidated view of existing physical and virtual infrastructure resources across virtualized data centers?

A.    Unified management software
B.    Cloud integration management software
C.    User access management software
D.    Cloud resource management software

Answer: A

Which service management process maintains information about the attributes of Cloud infrastructure resources?

A.    Service Catalog Management
B.    Capacity Management
C.    Service Asset and Configuration Management
D.    Infrastructure Management

Answer: C

Which Cloud service management process ensures that configuration best practices are followed when creating Cloud services?

A.    Service Asset and Configuration Management
B.    Compliance Management
C.    Capacity Management
D.    Performance Management

Answer: B

Which tool enables consumers to deploy their applications and platform software to the Cloud?

A.    Migration tool
B.    Shredding tool
C.    Configuration tool
D.    Service Creation tool

Answer: A

Which Cloud service management process is used to perform trend analysis of resource consumption and to plan future resource requirements?

A.    Capacity Management
B.    Service Asset and Configuration Management
C.    Resource Planning Management
D.    Availability Management

Answer: A

Which statement describes the resource distribution process performed by unified management software?

A.    Create attributes of all Cloud services from different bundles
B.    Create service instances and allocate resources from bundles to service instances
C.    Integrate a graded compute pool with graded storage and network pool
D.    Categorize pools based on performance and capacity

Answer: B

Which statement describes the Resource Grading process?

A.    Integrating a graded compute pool with a graded network pool and a graded storage pool
B.    Grading attributes of all Cloud services to be created from different bundles
C.    Categorizing resource pools based on their capabilities
D.    Allocating graded resources from bundles to service instances

Answer: C

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