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A customer has purchased Avaya AuraTM Contact Center with the correct licensing to provide Open Queue session license and to provide agent licenses for the required multimedia contact types For this customer, where is Open Queue enabled?

A.    In the Contact Center Manager Sever (CCMS), Server Configuration, in the Main Menu Licensing tab
B.    in the Contact Center License Manager, Configuration, in the Contact Center Licensing tab
C.    in the CCMS, Multimedia Commissioning, Multimedia Licensing tab
D.    in the Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA), Configuration, Applications, in the LM Service Configuration Setup tab

Answer: A

You are installing a new SIP-based Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) Which statement
about setting up and configuring the hardware connections for the CCMS is true?

A.    A direct connection to the ELAN subnet through a dedicated second network interface card (NIC) is not required
B.    A direct connection to the ELAN subnet through a dedicated second NIC is required
C.    A direct connection to the Contact Center Server subnet through a dedicated NIC is not required
D.    A direct connection to both the ELAN subnet and the Contact Center Server subnet through a dedicated NIC is not required

Answer: A

How does Avaya recommend a Release Update (RU) or Service Pack (SP) be added during the installation of the AuraTM Contact Center applications?

A.    Create a shared folder with full access on a network drive and download the RU or SP to it
B.    Stop the installation and use Add/Remove Programs to add the downloaded RU or SP
C.    Create a folder on the server where the Contact Center software is being installed and download the RU or SP to it
D.    Download the RU or SP and write it onto a DBD and then use the DVD to install it onto the server

Answer: C

A customer has a multimode environment with Network Control Center (NCC), Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA), and co-resident Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) License manager Server Utility.
What is the correct order to upgrade their servers?

A.    co-resident CCMS/License Manager/Server Utility, then NCC then CCMA
B.    CCMA, then NCC then co-resident CCMS/License Manager/Server Utility
C.    NCC, then CCMA then co-resident CCMS/License Manager/Server Utility
D.    NCC, then co-resident CCMS/License Manager/Server Utility then

Answer: B

You are installing Avaya AuraTM Contact Center with Contact Center Manager Seer (CCMS) Contact Center Manager Administrator (CCMA), Communications Control Toolkit (CCT), Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM), License Manager and Server Utility, As part of the preparation of the xxx a dedicated partition for all Applications Logs has been created.
Which utility is used to point to the new Trace logs partition

A.    Cache Log Controller
B.    Log Archiver Utility
C.    Log Control Utility
D.    Trace Control Utility

Answer: D

You are using Security Framework installed on the network for single sign on (SSO) proposes. Currently two existing Contact Center Manager administration (CCMA) systems are working with the Security Framework. An additional new CCMA was added.
Which statement describes what should be done to use the SSO functionality by the new Server?

A.    Add the new CCMA host name to the Security Framework as a trusted site. Then SSO will be enabled
B.    Configure the “Security Settings” section in the CCMA Server new Configuration utility. Then the Policy Agent for SSO will be enabled
C.    Map between the CCMA Existing user to a Communications Control Toolkit (CCT) User by using the “CCMA User Migration” tool on the CCMA Server, then SSO will be enabled
D.    Configure the “Security Settings” on the CCMA Windows Server 2008 operating system and point to the Security Framework IP Address, then SSO will be enabled

Answer: A

You have installed Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) and Security Framework on the same server, The customer wants to force Unified Communications Manager (UCM) users to change their password every 60 days.
Which link under UCM is used to change the password aging setting?

A.    Administrative Users
B.    Audit
C.    Password
D.    Policies

Answer: D

You are installing the Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) software on a prepared server for the first time This will be the first CCMA server on the network. The System Readiness Check window indicates under the software tab that Web Server Internet Information Service (xx) is not installed on the server. The installation wizard was stopped.
What should be done to connect the error?

A.    Return the installation wizard and ignore the message
B.    Continue the installation wizard, then download and install IIS before rebooting
C.    Re-install the Windows operating system with IIS Service
D.    Using Windows 2008 Server Manager, Add Role that will install IIS

Answer: D

You have been asked to activate Avaya AuraTM Agent Desktop Display functionality in the Call Center
Which component is a prerequisite for Agent Desktop Display in the Avaya AuraTM Contact Center environment?

A.    properly configured parameters on the Multimedia server
B.    RSM Compression (Real-Time Statistical Multicast) option that is enabled from the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMM)
C.    unicast communication from the CCMS to the client PCs
D.    multicast or unicast communication from CCMS to Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA)

Answer: D

Which three items will back up using the Contact Center manager Administration (CCMA) Backup and Restore utility? (Choose three)

A.    Access Classes
B.    Emergency Help configuration settings
C.    Partitions
D.    Real-Time Reporting configuration settings

Answer: ABD

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