Brocade 150-810 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

Vendor: Brocade
Exam Code: 150-810
Exam Name: Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2013 Exam

After adding four new switches to a Brocade VCS fabric running TRILL, you determine that one of the switches in the fabric is not allowed to join. What are two reasons why this has occurred? (Choose two.)

A.    The vcs enable command is not present in the configuration.
B.    23 RBridges are defined in the fabric.
C.    The switch has the same RBridge ID as another device.
D.    The switch has the same VCS ID as another device.

Answer: AC

Which two statements are true regarding Brocade’s implementation of TRILL in a Brocade VCS fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    TRILL in VCS uses the frame format described in the IETF standard.
B.    TRILL in VCS uses a Brocade enhanced frame format.
C.    TRILL in VCS uses IS-IS as the link state protocol.
D.    TRILL in VCS uses FSPF as the link state protocol.

Answer: AD

Which two statements regarding TRILL frames and Ethernet are true? (Choose two.)

A.    TRILL will add an additional CRC to the frame.
B.    The TRILL header will be modified at each hop through the fabric.
C.    The outer MAC headers will be modified at each hop through the fabric.
D.    The inner MAC headers will be modified at each hop through the fabric.

Answer: BC

Your Brocade VCS fabric is experiencing numerous inbound packet flooding incidents on specific ports. What would you implement on the VCS fabric to limit the incidents?

A.    CEE map
B.    BUM suppression
C.    Enhanced Transmission Selection
D.    Priority Flow Control

Answer: B

Which two statements describe OSPF within a Brocade VCS fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    Each RBridge running OSPF inthe Brocade VCS fabric exchanges route information with its neighbors.
B.    RBridges within the same Brocade VCS fabric will not be considered OSPF neighbors.
C.    Each configured Virtual Ethernet (VE) interface needs to run OSPF.
D.    OSPF neighbors outside the fabric may be connected through a port channel.

Answer: AD

The shows a 3-node Brocade VCS fabric in which only RB1 has L3 routing enabled. Assume that ARP resolution and Server1’s ARP table includes an entry for Server2. What is the outer destination MAC address in a frame passing through the link from RB1 to RB3?

A.    D2
B.    D1
C.    C22
D.    C12

Answer: D

You want to enable a Brocade VDX switch to form an OSPF neighbor relationship with a Brocade MLXe. Which two types of interfaces must be explicitly configured on the VDX? (Choose two.)

A.    switchport
B.    port-channel
C.    vlan
D.    ve

Answer: CD

Which two statements are correct about VRRP and VRRP-E? (Choose two.)

A.    VRRP may be configured on all interfaces, but VRRP-E may only be configured on VE interfaces.
B.    When using VRRP, all peers are backups.
C.    Short-path forwarding is enabled by default on VRRP peers and must be explicitly enabled on VRRP-E configurations.
D.    When using VRRP-E and the master router fails, you are able to ping the virtual IP address.

Answer: AD

Which two functions are provided by ASICs on the Brocade VDX 8770 line cards? (Choose two.)

A.    traffic manager
B.    packet processor
C.    SSL offloading
D.    local switching

Answer: AB

What data is stored on the CID card? (Choose two.)

A.    management moduleserial number
B.    FRU history
C.    chassis serial number
D.    VCS ID

Answer: BC

Which loop avoidance mechanism is present in TRILL?

A.    TTL
B.    source and destination MAC
C.    sub 30 second convergence
D.    hop count

Answer: D

Which two statements are correct regarding a Brocade VCS fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    If a link fails, traffic is automatically rerouted to other available paths.
B.    All equal-cost paths in the fabric are available.
C.    Connected edge port interfaces are auto-configured and active.
D.    Connected edge ports witch-to-switch interfaces are auto-configured and active.

Answer: AB

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