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You are planning to move streaming media content to Windows Azure Storage.
You need to recommend an approach for providing worldwide users the fastest possible access to the content.
Which two actions should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Use a Shared Access Signature.
B.    Use Windows Azure page blob storage.

C.    Use Windows Azure block blob storage.
D.    Use the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Answer: CD

You are designing a plan for migrating Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs) and video files to Windows Azure Storage.
The VHDs must be optimized for random read/write operation.
The video files must be optimized for sequential access.
You need to recommend storage types for storing the VHDs and video files.
Which two storage types should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Store VHDs in Windows Azure page blob storage.
B.    Store VHDs in Windows Azure block blob storage.
C.    Store video files in Windows Azure page blob storage.
D.    Store video files in Windows Azure block blob storage.

Answer: AD

You are designing a Windows Azure application that will use Windows Azure Table storage.
The application will allow teams of users to collaborate on projects.
Each user is a member of only one team.
You have the following requirements:
– Ensure that each user can efficiently query records related to his or her team’s projects.
– Minimize data access latency.
You need to recommend an approach for partitioning table storage entities.
What should you recommend?

A.    Partition by user.
B.    Partition by team.
C.    Partition by project.
D.    Partition by the current date.

Answer: B

You deploy a stateless ASP.NET application to an Azure website.
You scale out the application by adding website instances.
Only newly signed in users are routed to the recently added website instances.
Users must be evenly distributed among all of the instances.
You need to configure the environment to ensure that the load balancer evenly distributes requests.
What should you do?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: C

You store data in an Azure blob. Data accumulates at a rate of 0.10 GB per day.
You must use storage analytics data to verify that the service level agreement (SLA) has been met and to analyze the performance of VHDs, including the pattern of usage.
Analytics data must be deleted when it is older than 100 days or when the total amount of data exceeds 10 GB.
You need to configure storage analytics and access the storage analytics data.
Which two approaches will achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Disable the data retention policy.
B.    Access analytics data by using the Service Management REST APL
C.    Access analytics data by using the APIs used to read blob and table data.
D.    Configure a data retention policy of 100 days.

Answer: CD

Hotspot Question
You store JSON data in a blob by using the Azure Blob service.
Web applications access the JSON data by using client-side JavaScript calls.
JSON data is stored in a container that is configured to allow anonymous access.
Web applications that are allowed to make updates to the data have access to any necessary shared access signatures (SASs) and storage keys.
You configure one Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) rule for the https://fabrikam.com domain and then run the following method. Line numbers are provided for reference only.

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.


You develop a web application that will use the Azure Table service.
The web application will store entities in the form of XML data within a single table.
The web application must support high traffic throughput.
You need to avoid exceeding the throttle limit for the table.
Which two actions should you take? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Add additional partition keys to the table.
B.    Batch transactions for entities that are in the same partition group in the table.
C.    Compress the entities before storing them in the table.
D.    Store the entities in JSON format.

Answer: BD

You are managing an application. The application uses data that is stored in an Azure SQL database.You must be able to reset the application to the state that existed on any day in the previous 35 days.
You need to choose a backup solution.
What should you do?

A.    Run SQL replication on the SQL database once a day.
B.    Use Microsoft Azure SQL Database Point in Time Restore
C.    Use the SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework to build a data-tier application (DAC) file once a day.
D.    Use the bcp utility to export data to an Azure page blob once a day.

Answer: B

Hotspot Question
Tailspin Toys uses a website to manage its inventory. The website is hosted on Azure. You are writing a Windows Store app that uses data from the blob storage.You need to retrieve an image from the following URI:
How should you complete the relevant code? To answer, select the appropriate code segments in the answer area.


Hotspot Question
You have an existing server that runs Windows Server.
You plan to create a base image of this server.
You will use this base image to prepare several virtual servers for future use.
After the base image is prepared, you will capture it by using the Azure management portal.
You must use the System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) to prepare the server so that the base image can be captured.
You need to prepare the server so that the base image can be captured.
What should you do? To answer, configure the appropriate options in the dialog box in the answer area.


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