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Backup Recovery Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects: E20-891 Exam
E20-891 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: E20-891
Exam Name: Backup Recovery Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects
Q & A: 120 Q&As

An EMC NetWorker customer wants to add their new Microsoft SharePoint distributed farm to
their backup environment. The farm contains three servers. One server contains the web frontend and the other two servers each contain two SQL databases. How is the number of the client
resources determined?
A. One resource for each server in the farm
B. One resource for each SQL database in the farm and one for the web front-end server
C. Only one resource for the entire farm
D. One resource for each SQL database in the farm
Answer: A

A customer is planning to use EMC NetWorker integrated with Data Domain to backup their
enterprise. Data Domain will be used to replicate backups to an offsite location to satisfy
regulatory requirements. The customer is concerned about the difficulty in managing their
backups and backup clones with two interfaces. What could be done to simplify the management
of backups and clones?
A. Configure DD Boost with NetWorker and use clone-controlled replication.
B. Configure pre and post scripts to handle the cloning.
C. Create one backup job for cloning and one additional job for local copies.
D. Create scripts to run through the CLI to handle daily cloning.
Answer: A

While installing an EMC Avamar deduplication node in a NetWorker backup solution, the
Microsoft Windows client backup jobs fail to run. Which process should be running on the client
during the backup?
A. nsravtar
B. nsravamar
C. nsrim
D. nsrndmpsv
Answer: A

A customer recently integrated EMC Avamar into their existing NetWorker datazone. After
creating a deduplication client and defining the NetWorker deduplication node, the backup is
started. However, the backup failed. What must be done to perform a successful backup?
A. Create a local AFTD on the storage node to store deduplication metadata
B. Create an AFTD on the Avamar server to store deduplication metadata
C. Create an AFTD to store the deduplication indexes
D. Create an AFTD to store the additional bootstrap information
Answer: A

You are planning an MS SQL backup solution for a customer using EMC NetWorker and NMM
without a proxy client. Which user privilege must be configured on NetWorker?
A. Add the NMM client to the NetWorker Administrator user group
B. Add the NetWorker Administrator to the NMM remote user setting
C. Add the NMM client to the MS Windows administrators user group
D. Add the NMM client to the Operators user group
Answer: A

An EMC customer is currently backing up their Microsoft Exchange database to an EMC Avamar
server. The backups are setup to full on Friday, skip on Sunday, and only transaction logs backed
up the rest of the week. The customer would like to integrate Data Domain to Avamar and run the
database backups to the Data Domain system. If a Data Domain system is deployed on Sunday,
which type of backup runs on the following Monday?
A. Full database backup
B. Transaction logs backup
C. Backups will be skipped
D. Level 1 backup of the database
Answer: A

A customer has implemented EMC Data Domain Boost for Oracle RMAN software in their
environment and are successfully backing up several Oracle servers. Backups are directed to a
local Data Domain system and a second Data Domain system was configured at their disaster
recovery site as a target for replication. What needs to be done to create copies of the backup
data on the remote system that are tracked and recoverable by RMAN?
A. Modify the RMAN script to include backup copies
B. Configure directory replication between the Data Domain systems
C. Configure Mtree replication between the Data Domain systems
D. Create a second RMAN script for the second Data Domain system
Answer: A

A customer has an EMC Data Domain appliance that has reached 90% of maximum capacity.
The customer does not want to purchase any additional storage. What will increase the average
available capacity of the Data Domain appliance?
A. Decrease the backup retention period
B. Decrease the cleaning frequency
C. Increase the snapshot expiration period
D. Increase the number of streams
Answer: B

An EMC NetWorker customer has just started running backups of their new Microsoft SharePoint
distributed farm. They are concerned that their web applications are not being backed up. What
can you tell the customer about backing up web applications?
A. Web applications are backed up with the corresponding content database
B. Add the web application name to the save set field for the client hosting the content database
C. Create a separate client resource for each web application
D. Web applications must be backed up with a file system backup method
Answer: A

An existing EMC Data Domain customer wants to know the way to integrate Data Domain with
RMAN to their tape library. How would this integration take place?
A. Use RMAN and Media Manager Layer to backup the application
B. Use RMAN with NFS to write to tape
C. Use RMAN with DD Boost to move data to the tape library
D. Use RMAN with dNFS to write to the tape library
Answer: A

An EMC NetWorker customer has an 8 TB Oracle database. They want to know the most efficient
way to backup with NetWorker to Data Domain deduplication. When integrating NetWorker with
Data Domain, what is an Oracle best practice?
A. Limit the number of streams per channel to one
B. Limit the number of incremental backups
C. Use at least eight concurrent backups sessions
D. Use encryption and compression
Answer: A

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