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What is one of the most important skills a project manager can have?
A. Negotiation skills
B. Communication skills
C. Influencing skills
D. Problem-solving skills
Answer: B
Negotiation, influencing, and problem-solving skills are all important for a project manager to
possess. However, good communication skills are the most important skills a project manager
can have.

Which is a valid response to negative risks?
A. mitigation
B. Enhance
C. Exploit
D. Share
Answer: A
Risk mitigation is a response to negative risks and not positive risks. Positive risks may be
responded by – “Exploit”, “Enhance”, “Share”, “Accept”.

Your company, Kick That Ball Sports, has appointed you project manager for its new Cricket
product line introduction. This is a national effort, and all the retail stores across the country
need to have the new products on the shelves before the media advertising blitz begins. The
product line involves three new products, two of which will be introduced together and a third
one that will follow within two years. Product number three will be elaborated in more detail
closer to the product’s release date, while the first two products will be elaborated in great
detail now. The scope management plan has just been completed. Which of the following is
true? (Choose the best response.)
A. The WBS template from a previous project, a tool and technique of the Create WBS
process, was used to create the WBS for this project. The WBS encompasses the major
deliverables for the project.
B. Only the deliverables associated with the work of the project should be listed on the WBS.
Since product number three isn’t being released until a later date it should not yet be included
on the WBS.
C. The WBS encompasses the full scope of work for the project and the technique in the
question is called rolling wave planning.
D. The WBS should be created next, and it encompasses the full scope of work for the project.
Only the work of the project is listed on the WBS.
Answer: C
Explanation:There isn’t enough information in the question to know whether “The WBS template from a
previous project, a tool and technique of the Create WBS process, was used to create the
WBS for this project. The WBS encompasses the major deliverables for the project.” is correct,
although it could be. “The WBS should be created next, and it encompasses the full scope of
work for the project. Only the work of the project is listed on the WBS.” is not correct because
the next process after the scope management plan is created is the Scope Definition process.
The WBS details the entire scope of the project and includes all deliverables. It is an output of
the Create WBS process and the technique of elaborating some deliverables at a later date is
called rolling wave planning.

You are a project manager for Picture Shades, Inc. It manufactures window shades that have
replicas of Renaissance-era paintings on the inside for hotel chains. Picture Shades is taking
its product to the home market, and you’re managing the new project. It will offer its products at
retail stores as well as on its website. You’re developing the project schedule for this
under-taking and have determined the critical path. Which of the following statements is true?
A. You calculated the early and late start dates, the early and late finish dates, and float times
for all activities.
B. You calculated the optimistic, pessimistic, and most likely duration times and the float times
for all activities.
C. You calculated the activity dependency and the optimistic and pessimistic activity duration
D. You calculated the most likely start date and most likely finish dates, float time, and
weighted average estimates.
Answer: A
The CPM calculates a single early and late start date and a single early and late finish date for
each activity. Once these dates are known, float time is calculated for each activity to
determine the critical path. The other answers contain elements of PERT calculations.

Your project team has identified several potential risks on your current project that could have
a significant impact if they occurred. The team examined the impact of the risks by keeping all
the uncertain elements at their baseline values. What type of diagram will the team use to
display this information?
A. Process flowchart
B. Tornado diagram
C. Influence diagram
D. Fishbone diagram
Answer: B
The question describes sensitivity analysis, which is a tool and technique of the Quantitative
Risk Analysis process. Tornado diagrams are often used to display sensitivity analysis data.

The work that must be done in order to deliver a product with the specified features and
functions is:
A. Project verification
B. Project scope
C. Project control
D. Product scope
Answer: B
Project Scope: The work that must be done in order to deliver a product with the specified
features and functions.

Make payment to seller is done in _______ .
A. Plan Procurements
B. Conduct Procurements
C. Administer Procurements
D. Close Procurements
Answer: C
Make payment to seller is done in Administer Procurements.

You have accumulated project information throughout the project and need to distribute some
important information you just received. Which of the following is not an information distribution
A. Electronic mail
B. Videoconferencing
C. Voicemail
D. Electronic databases
Answer: D
Electronic databases are a type of information gathering and retrieval system, not a
distribution method.

Objectives can be described as all of the following except for which one? Choose the least
correct answer.
A. The monetary units used to express the cost criteria for the project
B. The functionality and specific conditions that must be met in order to satisfy the project,
contract, standard, or specification
C. The quantifiable results used to measure project success that should include schedule, cost,
and quality criteriaD. The purpose for undertaking the project
Answer: B
According to the PMBOK Guide, functionality and specific conditions that must be met in order
to satisfy the project, contract, standard, or specification describe the criteria for requirements,
not objectives.

Sally is a project manager working on a project that will require a specially engineered
Only three manufacturers can make the machine to the specifications Sally needs. The price
of this machine is particularly critical to this project. The budget is limited, and there’s no
chance of securing additional funds if the bids for the machine come in higher than budgeted.
She’s developing the evaluation criteria for the bidders’ responses and knows all of the
following are true except for which one?
A. Sally will review the project management plan, including the risk register, as inputs to this
B. Sally will base the evaluation criteria on price alone since the budget is a constraint.
C. Sally will update the contract statement of work with any new information.
D. Sally will use standard contract forms provided by her procurement department to write the
contract for this machine.
Answer: B
Evaluation criteria can be based on price alone when there are many vendors who can readily
supply the good or services. The question states that only three vendors make the machine,
which means evaluation criteria should be based on more than price.

During the opening rounds of contract negotiation, the other party uses a fait accompli tactic.
Which of the following statements is true about fait accompli tactics?
A. One party claims the issue under discussion was documented and accepted as part of
Scope Verification.
B. One party claims the issue under discussion has already been decided and can’t be
C. One party claims to accept the offer of the other party, provided a contract change request
is submitted describing the offer in detail.
D. One party agrees to accept the offer of the other party but secretly knows they will bring the
issue back up at a later time.
Answer: B
Fait accompli is a tactic used during contract negotiations where one party convinces the other
that the particular issue is no longer relevant or cannot be changed. Option B is not correct
because Scope Verification does not generally occur during contract negotiations since the
work of the project has not yet been performed.

The person in the organization that authorizes the commencement of a project is the
A. Project Admin
B. Sponsor
C. Project Manager
D. Senior Manager
Answer: B
The project manager executes the project but does not authorize the project. Sponsor
authorize the project.

You have been assigned to a project in which the objectives are to expand three miles of the
north-to-south highway through your city by two lanes in each direction. You are in charge of
the demolition phase of this project, and you report to the project manager in charge of this
You have been hired on contract and will be released at the completion of the demolition
What type of organizational structure does this represent?
A. Balanced matrix organization
B. Functional organization
C. Projectized organization
D. Weak matrix organization
Answer: C
Projectized organizations are focused on the project itself. One issue with this type of structure
is determining what to do with project team members when they are not actively involved on
the project. One alternative is to release them when they are no longer needed.

When working in a matrix environment, all of the following are true regarding the Manage
Project Team process except for which one?
A. Communication methods and issue logs are used to create performance appraisals,
provide feedback, and track issues.
B. Managing project teams in a matrix environment is often a critical success factor for the
C. Loyalty issues might arise when managing projects in a matrix environment.
D. It’s the project manager’s responsibility to make certain this dual reporting relationship is
managed effectively.
Answer: A
Explanation:Communication methods are not a tool and technique of the Manage Project Team process.

You’ve been assigned as a project manager on a research and development project for a new
dental procedure. You’re working in the Scope Planning process. What is the purpose of the
project scope management plan?
A. The project scope management plan describes and documents a scope baseline to help
make future project decisions.
B. The project scope management plan decomposes project deliverables into smaller units of
C. The project scope management plan describes how project scope will be developed and
how changes will be managed.
D. The project scope management plan describes how cost and time estimates will be
developed for project scope changes.
Answer: C
The scope management plan outlines how project scope will be managed and how changes
will be incorporated into the project.

A Project with a total funding of $70,000 finished with a BAC value of $60,000.
What term can best describe the difference of $10,000?
A. Management Overhead
B. Management Contingency Reserve
C. Cost Variance
D. Schedule Variance
Answer: B
The difference between the Cost Baseline and Funding requirement at Project completion is
Management Contingency Reserve. BAC represents the revised Cost baseline for the project.
So Management Contingency Reserve is true.

You are a project manager for an agricultural supply company. You have just completed and
obtained sign-off on the project scope statement for your new Natural Bug Busters project. A
key stakeholder has informed you that a deliverable is missing from the project scope
statement. This deliverable is a critical success factor. Which of the following actions should
you take?
A. Modify the scope statement to reflect the new deliverable.
B. Modify the scope statement after an approved change request has been received from the
C. Inform the stakeholder that work not stated in the scope statement is excluded from the
project.D. Inform the stakeholder that this deliverable must be included in phase two of this project
since sign-off has already been obtained.
Answer: B
The project scope statement will change throughout the project as change requests are
received and approved. Project managers must be certain to discover all deliverables before
publishing the project scope statement to prevent situations like the one described in this

Life seems to be going very well for your close friend, a fellow PMP. She has taken a trip to
France, bought a new car, and stocked her wine cellar with a half dozen expensive bottles of
wine, all within the last six months. After a few cocktails one evening, she tells you her secret.
The vendor she’s working with on the $4 billion project she’s managing has given her all of
these items as gifts. Which of the following should you do? (Choose the best answer.)
A. You tell your friend these gifts probably aren’t appropriate and leave it at that.
B. Your friend doesn’t see a problem with accepting these gifts at all. You know this is a
conflict of interest situation and should be reported as a PMP Code of Professional Conduct
C. You and your friend have a long conversation about the gifts, and she decides to return
them (with the exception of the trip) and not accept any more gifts in the future.
D. You’re happy for your friend and say nothing.
Answer: B
This is a conflict of interest situation, and you should report it as a violation of the PMP Code of
Professional Conduct.

You are the project manager for Xylophone Phonics. This company produces children’s
software programs that teach basic reading and math skills. You are ready to assign project
roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships. Which project Planning process are you
working on?
A. Human Resource Acquisition
B. Acquire Staff
C. Human Resource Planning
D. Resource Planning
Answer: C
The Human Resource Planning process identifies project resources, documents roles and
responsibilities of project team members, and documents reporting relationships.

Which of the following statements is true regarding schedule variances?
A. Schedule variances never impact the schedule.
B. Schedule variances sometimes impact the schedule.
C. Schedule variances impact scope, which impacts the schedule.
D. Schedule variances always impact the schedule.
Answer: B
Schedule variances will sometimes-but not always-impact the schedule. Changes to
non-critical path tasks will not likely impact the schedule, but changes to critical path tasks will
always impact the schedule.

A project manager believes that the best way to manage is to form a good, harmonious
working relationship with the team, and high performance will follow. The project manager
could be defined as a _____ manager.
A. 1,9
B. 9,1
C. 1,1
D. 9,9
E. 5,5
Answer: A
Four types of project leader that are considered best suited to different project circumstances
are, imaginative Explorer (9,9), assertive Driver (9,1), catalyst Coordinator (5,5) and
Professional Administrator (1,9) are placed in four quadrants of Focus (X) and Approach (Y)
axis of General Personality Characteristics Grid. These values of (9,9), (9,1), (1,9) and (5,5)
are Blake-Mouton Grid descriptions. (Refer to (1,9)
represents Administrator who believes in forming a good, harmonious working relationship
with the team. Administrator recognizes the need for stability, typically in order to optimize
productivity through maximizing repetition to the extent possible on a project and to get the
work finished.
Often, requisite information must be assembled and carefully analyzed, with thought given to
the trade-offs and how conflicts and problems can be resolved and disposed of in advance.
Work must be carefully scheduled and procedurized if potential gains are to be realized and
“all the pieces are to be carefully put in place”.So, Answer A (1,9) the Administrator manager.

You are a project manager for the Swirling Seas Cruises food division. You’re considering two
different projects regarding food services on the cruise lines. The initial cost of Project Fish’n
for Chips will be $800,000, with expected cash inflows of $300,000 per quarter. Project
Picnic’s payback period is six months. Which project should you recommend?
A. ProjectFish’n for Chips, because the costs on Project Picnic are unknown.
B. Project Picnic, because ProjectFish’n for Chips’ payback period is two months longer than
Project Picnic’s.
C. Project Picnic, because ProjectFish’n for Chips’ payback period is four months longer thanProject Picnic’s.
D. ProjectFish’n for Chips, because its payback period is two months shorter than Project
Answer: B
The payback period for Project Fish’n for Chips is eight months. This project will receive
$300,000 every three months, or $100,000 per month. The $800,000 will be paid back in eight

You are working on a project that is similar in scope to a project performed last year by your
company. You might consider which of the following?
A. Using the previous project’s alternatives identification as a template
B. Reusing the previous project’s product description when writing the scope statement
C. Using the previous project’s WBS as a template
D. Reusing the previous project’s cost-benefit analysis as justification for this project
Answer: C
WBSs from previous projects can be used as templates on projects that are producing similar
products, services, or results. Some companies write WBS templates to be used for projects of
similar scope.

Your project sponsor has requested a cost estimate for the project on which you’re working.
This project is similar in scope to a project you worked on last year. She would like to get the
cost estimates as soon as possible. Accuracy is not her primary concern right now. She needs
a ballpark figure by tomorrow. You decide to use ___________________.
A. parametric modeling techniques
B. analogous estimating techniques
C. bottom-up estimating techniques
D. computerized modeling techniques
Answer: B
Analogous-or top-down-estimating techniques are a form of expert judgment. Since this
project is similar to another recent project, you can use the cost estimates from the previous
project to help you quickly determine estimates for the current project.

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