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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-482
Exam Name: Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Essentials

Is it possible to invoke an ODI job as a public web service to execute it?

A.    No, it is only possible to run jobs internally or via command line.
B.    Yes, both standalone and JEE agent support web services.
C.    Yes, but you need to use as mandatory Oracle BPEL in order to process the job invocation.
D.    No, there are only internal specific application program interfaces that you can use to run a job.

Answer: B

You are designing a Load Plan in which you need to run Interfaces A and B one after the other while running Interface C at the same time. Which steps do you need to follow to achieve this?

A.    Add a Parallel step, add two Serial steps underneath it, and then add A and B to one serial step and C to the other one
B.    Add a Parallel step, drag A and B and C into the Parallel step
C.    Add aParallel step, add two Parallel steps underneath it, and then add A and B to one Parallel step and C to the other one
D.    Add a Parallel step, add three serial steps underneath it, and then add A to the first Serial step, to the second one, and then C to the last one

Answer: A

When profiling data with EDQ, how can you ensure that the latest data is being used?

A.    By creating a snapshot
B.    By refreshing a snapshot by running it
C.    New data is automatically loaded by EDQ, no action is required.
D.    By creating a data store

Answer: C

Where can users edit scenarios in ODI?

A.    Designer Navigator
B.    Operator Navigator
C.    Command line
D.    Nowhere, scenarios cannot be edited

Answer: B

Which tables store ODI/OBIEE lineage information?

A.    Master repository tables
B.    Work repository tables
C.    Staging tables
D.    OBIEE repository tables

Answer: B

To load a specific table using ODI, do you need to draw directly in the flow all details about how the different servers involved are connected?

A.    Yes, and also specify with variables the passwords for connecting to the data contained in the servers.
B.    No, the code will be black box-generated directly by ODI.
C.    No, ODI automatically designs the flow and how servers are connected.
D.    In the ODI interface palette, choose the more convenient graphic objects to link the involved servers.

Answer: A

Is it possible to monitor a JEE Agent using a plug in directly into Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console?

A.    Yes, it is possible to check that an Agent is active or if it has any issues.
B.    No, you have to run some dedicated Java scripts in order to monitor the Agent behavior.
C.    Yes, it is possible to check that an Agent is active, but you must also install and configure Oracle Tuxedo.
D.    No, you can simply check the metadata available using ODI Console as a web application.

Answer: A

What is a relationship in a matching process?

A.    It is how many matched records exist globally.
B.    It is matching functions that determine how well two records match each other, for a given identifier.
C.    It is a link between two records, created by automatic match rules and manual decisions.
D.    A Relationship determines how many comparison results are interpreted during the matching process.

Answer: B

One of the parameters retrieve column properties in a knowledge module is odiRef.getcolList.
What is the name of the parameter that retrieves the datatype of a mapped target column?


Answer: C

When working with delimited flat files, is it possible to enforce primary key on a flat file using a CKM?

A.    No, it is not possible to enforce constraints on some technologies such as flat files and JMS queues.
B.    No, it is not possible to enforce constraints on any technology.
C.    Yes, it is possible also to forward-engineer it to the flat file definition.
D.    Yes, but you have to save it as a fixed file.

Answer: A

Select four correct scenarios where EDQ parsing is beneficial.

A.    There are separate attributes for Titles, Forenames, and Family names, but the values are not always in the right fields.
B.    Names are well-structured, but the Gender field is often missing.
C.    The data contains product descriptions in the string field and you need to extract the size and weight of each product.
D.    Addresses are contained in a single string field and are difficult to verify.
E.    Phone numbers are sometimes embedded in the customer name and address.

Answer: ACDE

The ODI application adapter for Hadoop______.

A.    connects to a Work Repository r
B.    is a Big Data Connector
C.    connects to a Master Repository
D.    is an Agent configuration

Answer: B

Select the correct statement. When running an interface in ODI, is it possible to see a simu-lation
of the code?

A.    No, that is a current limitation in ODI.
B.    No, but it is possible to query the metadata repository in order to see the generated code.
C.    Yes, but it is only possible to see a code simulation on ODI Console.
D.    Yes, before executing the interface, it is possible to set a flag to request the code simulation.

Answer: D

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