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You need to prevent a custom application from connecting to the Internet.
What should you do?

A.    From Windows Firewall, add a program.
B.    From Windows Defender, modify the Allowed items list.
C.    From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, create an inbound rule.
D.    From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, create an outbound rule.

Answer: D

You have two computers named Computer1 and Computer2 that run Windows 7.
You need to ensure that Computer2 has exactly the same firewall rules as Computer1.
What should you do on Computer1?

A.    Run Winrm.exe quickconfig.
B.    From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, select Export Policy.
C.    From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, click Inbound Rules and then click Export List.
D.    Open Local Security Policy. Right-click IP Security Policies on Local Computer and then click Export List.

Answer: B

You have a computer that runs Windows 7. The network connection details are shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)
You need to manually assign an IP address of to the computer.
What should you do first?



A.    Enable TCP/IPv4.
B.    Disable TCP/IPv6.
C.    Run Ipconfig and specify the /renew parameter.
D.    Run Netsh and specify the Interface ipv4 add address command.

Answer: A

A network contains computers that run Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
A computer named Computer1 runs Windows 7.
You need to ensure that only users running Windows 7 and Windows Vista can connect to Computer1 using Remote Desktop.
In the System Properties window, on the Remote tab, what should you do?

A.    Click the Advanced button. Select the Allow this computer to be controlled remotely check box on Computer1.
B.    Select the Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure) check box on Computer1.
C.    Select the Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure) check box on Computed.
D.    Select the Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer check box on Computer1.

Answer: B

You have a computer that runs Windows 7.
You run the Configure Backup wizard as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)


You need to ensure that you can back up the computer to a local disk drive.
What should you do before you run the Configure Backup wizard?

A.    Connect a removable disk.
B.    Log on as an administrator.
C.    Start the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
D.    Add your user account to the Backup Operators group.

Answer: A

You use a computer that has Windows 7 SP1 installed. The computer has a shared folder named C:\Software.
User1 is a local user account on the computer. The account is a member of several groups that have access to the C:\Software folder.
You need to verify whether User1 can save files to C:\Software.
What should you do?

A.    Run the Net Share command.
B.    Run the Wfs C:\Software command.
C.    In the Advanced Security Settings for the Documents folder, select the Effective Permissions tab.
D.    Run the Fsutil C:\Software command.

Answer: C

Hotspot Question
You use a client computer that has Windows 7 Enterprise installed. The computer is located in a branch office.
The office is connected by a wide area network (WAN) link to a company’s main office.
You need to configure an event subscription that meets the following requirements:
– Forwards events across the WAN on port 3243.
– Forwards events every 6 hours.
– Protects forwarded events while transmission over the WAN network.
What should you do?
(To answer, configure the appropriate option or options in the dialog box in the answer area.)




Your company has an Active Directory domain and several branch locations. All sales
employees use portable computers that have Windows 7 Enterprise installed.
Employees report that when they travel to different branch locations, documents that must be printed are sent to printers in their home office.
You need to ensure that documents that must be printed are automatically sent to printers at their current locations.
What should you do first?

A.    Publish all printers to Active Directory.
B.    From Devices and Printers, select Change my default printer when I change networks.
C.    From Devices and Printers, select the branch office printer, and then select set as default.
D.    Configure alternate IP settings.

Answer: B

You have a computer that runs a 32-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium. The computer has a single partition on a single hard disk drive.
You want to test a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate.
You configure the computer for a dual boot with previously installed Windows 7 Home Premium.
You need to configure the computer to support the dual boot.
What should you do?

A.    Reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit as a 64-bit version.
B.    Start Windows 7 Home Premium. Create and mount a new Windows Imaging Format (WIM) file with Windows 7 Ultimate files.
C.    Shrink the existing partition and create a new partition to start Windows 7 Ultimate.
D.    Install Virtual PC into Windows 7 Home Premium.

Answer: C

You have a computer that runs Windows 7. The computer is a member of a workgroup.
You use Encrypting File System (EFS) to protect your local files.
You need to ensure that you can decrypt EFS files on the computer if you forget your password.
What should you do?

A.    From Authorization Manager, modify the Authorization Manager options.
B.    Run the cipher.exe /adduser /user:administrator command.
C.    From User Accounts, select Manage your file encryption certificates.
D.    From Credential Manager, select Back up vault.

Answer: C

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