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Citrix XenServer 6.0 Administration: 1Y0-A26 Exam

  • 1Y0-A26 Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: 1Y0-A26
  • Exam Name: Citrix XenServer 6.0 Administration
  • Q & A: 147 Q&As

Which scenario would require a XenServer administrator to ensure that the time on the physical server hosting a virtual machine and the time on the virtual machine match?
A.    A snapshot of the virtual machine will be taken
B.    Migration will be performed on the virtual machine
C.    Workload Balancing will be installed on the virtual machine
D.    The virtual machine will be moved from a storage repository
Answer: B

Scenario: A XenServer administrator needs to take a host offline for repair. The resource pool consists of two servers, but it does NOT have enough available resources to keep all of the virtual machines running. The administrator is NOT allowed to shut down any virtual machines currently running on the host. Which action must the administrator take to meet the needs of the scenario?
A.    Export the virtual machines to another resource pool
B.    Add server to create a heterogeneous resource pool
C.    Import a backup of the virtual machines to another resource pool
D.    Force the virtual machines to the other server in the resource pool
Answer: C

A XenServer administrator took a snapshot of a virtual machine and needs to deploy it on another host in the pool while retaining all the settings. Which xe command must the administrator run to achieve this task? Category:
A.    vm-import
B.    template-list
C.    snapshot-copy
D.    snapshot-export
Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator needs to create two XenApp virtual machines. Each virtual machine will host different applications for usage by different departments. Which option is the most effective method of deploying the virtual machines?
A.    Use XenConvert to deploy the XenApp virtual machines
B.    Use Workload Balancing and choose the Maximum Performance option
C.    Create the virtual machines from a template and manually install XenApp on each virtual machine
D.    Create one golden image using Provisioning services, then assign XenApp to the two virtual machines in private mode.
Answer: C

Which action must an administrator perform to enable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to control access to XenServer?
A.    Create a new pool
B.    Enable LDAP authentication
C.    Configure Active Directory authentication
D.    Install XenServer Tools on the domain controller.
Answer: B

Which information must an administrator provide to connect StorageLink Gateway to the storage system in a XenServer environment?
A.    UUID of the storage system.
B.    Credentials of the storage adapter.
C.    IP address of the machine running StorageLink Gateway.
D.    Credentials of the machine running StorageLink Gateway.
Answer: CD

An administrator recently increased the size of a vDisk running Linux. Which command must the administrator run to increase the size of the file system? Category:
A.    dd
B.    fsck
C.    diskpart
D.    resize2fs
Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator is in the process of buying a new server for his XenServer resource pool. All servers are currently identical. The administrator is unable to buy the exact same server. Which three things must the administrator consider before buying the server?(Choose three) Category:
A.    CPU masking is only supported by Intel
B.    CPUs need to be from the same vendor
C.    Servers need to be from the same vendor
D.    The features of the older CPU must be a subset of the newer CPU
E.    The new server’s CPU must have FlexMigration or Extended Migration support
Answer: BDE

Which two commands must an administrator run to protect virtual machines?(Choose two.) Category:
A.    xe vm-param-set
B.    xe pool-ha-enable
C.    xe pool-param-set
D.    xe host-emergency-ha-disable
Answer: AB

To successfully configure Role Based Access Control, an administrator must ensure that Active Directory servers are ____________ and ____________ (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) Category:
A.    SMB enabled
B.    using LDAP authentication
C.    using Kerberos authentication
D.    synchronized with XenServer using NTP
Answer: CD

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