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Vendor: NI
Exam Code: CLAD
Exam Name: Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Examination

You customize a control, select Control from the Type Def. Status pull-down menu, and save the control as a .ctl file. You then use an instance of the custom control on your front panel window. If you open the .ctl file and modify the control, does the control on the front panel window change?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: B

You develop a SubVI that only outputs a value and need to use this SubVI in a (calling) VI. Which of the following is the best way to enforce dataflow to control the execution of the SubVI?

A.    Use the SubVI in a Sequence structure
B.    Modify the SubVI to have dummy inputs that can be used from the calling VI
C.    Modify the SubVI to have Error clusters that can be used from the calling VI
D.    Modify the SubVI to have a global variable and use it from the calling VI

Answer: C

What is the value in Shift Register Answer after the following code has executed?


A.    16
B.    24
C.    32
D.    10

Answer: C

Which Chart update mode should be used to draw new data from left to right, then clear t he chart and draw new data again from left to right?

A.    Strip Chart
B.    Scope Chart
C.    Sweep Chart
D.    Step Chart

Answer: B

Which of the following illustrates an advantage of a global variable over a local variable?

A.    A global variable can pass data between two independent VIs running simultaneously
B.    Only the global variable can pass array data, local variables cannot
C.    Global variables follow the dataflow model, and therefore cannot cause race conditions
D.    Global variables do not require owned labels to operate

Answer: A

You are inputting data that represents a circle. The circle data includes an x position, a y position, and a radius. All three pieces of data are double-precision. In the future, you might need to store the color of the circle, represented as an integer. How should you represent the circle on your front panel window?

A.    Three separate controls for the two positions and the radius.
B.    A cluster containing all of the data.
C.    A type definition containing a cluster.
D.    An array with three elements.

Answer: C

Which of the following will cause an event to be captured by the LabVIEW Event Structure?

A.    Changing a value on a Front Panel control via a mouse click
B.    Update of a Front Panel control using a property node
C.    Programmatic update of a Front Panel control via a control reference
D.    Using VI Server to update a Front Panel control

Answer: A

Which of the following does not conform to data flow programming paradigm?

A.    Shift Registers
B.    Tunnels
C.    SubVIs
D.    Local Variables

Answer: D

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